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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Point of super nova

If a pound of trash is put into the sun, it will have more fuel to burn. This means that the point of super nova in the future will be later, even if it is .0000000000001 seconds later. But, does the added mass make it collapse a while sooner, even if it is .0000000000001 seconds later? If so, then it will cancel itself out and the super nova will happen at the same time. But I don't know...if anyone does, let me know


Blogger Vijay said...

I think your premise is right but ofcourse both the incidents might not happen with precisely equal periods. Hence, there should be some change but i would not go far to say that it will cancel itself out. Just my 2 cents.

btw, you've got an interesting blog here !

8:30 PM

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The rate of fusion - number of atoms of hydrogen fused to helium per second is directly proportional to the total mass of the star. The more massive the faster it burns because of higher pressures in the core. Therefore a pound of "trash" AKA hydrogen would regardless shorten the life-span of the star.
BTW, 1KG compared to the mass of the sun which is 2X10^30KG would only cause a 1 over 2X10^30 faster burn rate. Have fun with that!

8:42 PM

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