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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Quantum Weapons (Part II) Woodpecker Grid

With each of the presentations of Quantum Weapons, I must preface that I am simply stating a thoery, and evidence of the possibility of a weapon of this kind being created. Usually, these types of weapons are followed by conspiracy nuts, and for good reason. A weapon that utilizes quantum science will be very much ahead of it's time, and will give it a sci-fi feel to it. Quantum weaponry usually falls under the catagory of "doomsday" weapons for their general bias towards mass distruction. I do not claim any of these weapons exist or have ever existed, but allow for the knowledge that they could exist.

This morning, I heard a "woodpecker grid" recording.

In July 1976, while America celebrated it's Bicentennial, the Soviate Union sent a greeting of their own. Communications systems all over the world suddenly met extremely powerful noise interference, in the 3-30 mgz band, originating from chirped Soviet transmitters. This sound was aptly named "Woodpeckers" because of the characteristic sound of the chirped signal when received. These transmitters are estimated to utilize several hundred megawatts. Several nations protested, but the Kremlin only responded by adding a "spread spectrum" capability so the transmitter did not dwell on one specific frequency. These signals are still being transmitted today, and the transmitters have never been precisely located by U.S. intelligence.

Since their beams follow the earth- ionosphere waveguide and curve around the earth's contures, their beams act like over-the-horizon radar, allowing them to "see" things occuring over the horizon. Utilizing this, they can detect missiles immediatlly after launch.

The release by the Department of Defense in 1985 entitled Soviet Military Power, p. 45 shows the direct intersection over the United States of the Woodpecker radar beams used in an OTH-role. The above picture is of this illustration.

The Woodpecker Grid thus shows an additional "scanner" beam which can be scanned across the intersection "grid" over the U.S., formed by waveform interference of two main Woodpecker beams.

These Woodpecker transmitters have a great many diverse functions. For instance, as mentioned above, they can be utilized as launch-warning systems. However, these scalar interference grid weapons have many other uses.

As an actual weapon, they can be used to attack entire populations in a targeted area. This aspect is not covered in the 1985 briefing. Suffice it to say that phase-locked elongated logitudinal frequency modulation signals ot 10 Hz and less are often detected on multiple Woodpecker frequencies simultaneously. In a target area, this modulation could entrain a percentage of the brains into "forced entrainment." In that case, these human brains are "synchronized" to the Woodpecker signals so that multiple coherent frequencies are phase-locked into them. That is, multiple coherent EM channels directly into these entrained brains now exist. At that point, Fourier expansions may be used to attack specific portions of the brain geometrically.

What is perhaps the most openly active secret event, the Woodpecker Grid is amazingly large, yet incredibly contained. Do a google search for "woodpecker grid" and listen to it. It is intimidating.


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