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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Tetris as an IQ test

I am going to start writing random musings that I think of, because I am tired to professors giving lectures and people being impressed when it's something that I dismissed when I was 6 years old because it was common knowledge. My first musing is that I think tetris can be used as an IQ test. One test during an IQ evaluation is for the doctor to present you with a several shapes. At first each test taker is slow because they seem random. At one point a person will discover how to complete the shapes in a puzzle, and will order them very quickly. The doctor had measured the time it took to realize the method of figuring out the solution. There are several tests like this. Therefore I conclude that Tetris could be used as an IQ test.

This was a random musing


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think so too. Mostly because I am 'good' at it...but you are right...I have played 'patterned' games before and finding the 'pattern' takes a special ability.

9:05 PM


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