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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Perpetual Motion

All of the energy in the universe, and all of the potential energy, was created during the Big Bang (or Big Creation).

First, I will say that a prepetual motion machine cannot exist. A prepetual motion machine is a series of objects, when put into motion, can continue infinitly with not outside help, and create some sort of work. For instance, you cannot have a power plant which spins turbines to create electricity, in order to create more electricity than what it started off with.

Life can survive off of everything on Earth for a long time, but at some point, life needs to be sustained by the sun, so life on Earth is not a prepetual motion machine. Elevating to the next level, stars are not prepetual either because they will eventually burn out.

Energy will never turn into matter past it's ability to produce matter, and visa versa. The exact amount of energy in the Universe is 0. The Universe as a whole is not a perpeutal motion machine, lest the laws of physics changes, or is proved to be wrong. Therefore, all of the energy possible, was conceived when the Universe was conceived.

Even creating kenitic energy, like making a spring, is only availible with energy created at the Big Bang. The cosmos creates the sun, which allows our plants to grow, which eventually travels down the food chain, to give us the energy to create a spring and tighten it up. The amount of energy produced by this spring is less than the initial sunlight that started the process.

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