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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Radical Constructionism: transporting matter through energy

This particular post is a result of studying "Radical Constructionism." This post is a random musing, so do not read it if you are looking for something witty or clever. I will never post something that I learned from a book or heard from a professor, but came up with on my own. I may have verified it before posting. But copying something that I got out of a book would evade the purpose of posting these random musings.

If we could produce an infinite power source, or could duplicate matter atom-for-atom, we could theoreticlly transport matter over a distance. This would involve breakdown of matter to energy, and reconstruct the matter at a new location from this energy. Or maybe more accuratly, we could break down matter into information, and reconstruct matter from this information.

If this were applied to a human, we could transport the human to a new location, and the human at the new location would have the same conciousness, the same memories, and the same feelings. They will be the product of all of the original experiences. However, the person sent through this machine will have died. The resulting person feel no difference, as if they were same age, even though he is only a few seconds old.

This is because, if this technology exists, there is no reason a copy couldn't be made, where there are two indentical humans. Since both humans would not share the same existance or conciousness, one person would not control both, and two living entities would now exist. This does not take into account any sort of notion of "soul", which may or may not mean the resulting human would resume living and functioning.


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