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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Zero Point Energy Continued.

The race to find "free energy", or an energy source that comes from little-to-nothing, has inspired research with the quantum mechanics trend, Zero Point Energy. Another term for "free energy" is "energy from a vacuum." This term Zero Point Energy has been based on the concept that even if matter were cooled down to absolute zero (minus 273oC), in terms of its temperature, this energy still remains. Because it exists in a vacuum, zero point energy is homogenous and isotropic as well as ubiquitous. In layman's terms, it has the same value when measured in all directions. Zero point is the energy left behind in a volume of space after all the matter and radiation has been removed. It is electromagnetic, intense and of course indestructible.

There is enough zero point energy in a volume the size of a coffee cup to boil away Earth’s oceans.

Several people have made claims to having working ZPE Devices, and the implications are astounding. No more oil would be needed. Devices that require infinite power sources could be made (teleporting, energy-to-mass exchange, faster-than-light travel). Anti-gravity would be possible.

Magnetic Power Inc. SEBASTOPOL, CALIFORNIA, USA -- At their present rate of progress, Magnetic Power Inc. (MPI) says they could have 1 kW Magnetic Power Modules™, anticipated to generate electricity for less than one cent per kilowatt-hour, ready for sale by strategic partners next year. "Nothing else would come close," says Mark Goldes," chairman and CEO. More.

University of Texas. Researchers at the University of Texas, Austin have succeded in fabricating a quantum scale device capable of emitting a single photon or absorbing a single photon.

Gary McKinnon. Says that the military has had anti-gravity technology for a long time, involving zero point energy. (ZPEnergy; July 15, 2005) More.

So aparently, such a machine exists, or at least can exist, but can only create enough energy comparible to a drop of gasoline against our vast ocean of cars. At this point, anyway. If the implication is that interdimensional energy capturing is possible, this may lead to the ability for a random event to occure, which would mean that free will exists, and at least to me, that God exists. But that is beside the point of this post.


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