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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Understanding Satire

This post is a random musing, so do not read it if you are looking for something witty or clever. I will never post something that I learned from a book or heard from a professor, but came up with on my own. I may have verified it before posting. But copying something that I got out of a book would evade the purpose of posting these random musings.

I believe it is fairly reasonable to say that a person's sophistication, and a better part of their education, can be reflected on whether they can grasp satire. I came upon this thought when writing my article on BMW at http://corbeledg.blogspot.com/2005/08/petting-my-horse.html
In this, I thank the dealership for adding 300 miles to my odometer. I tried to write it to make readers understand I was being sarcastic, then I realized, why write to the lowest common? I'll write for the best.

I hope someone reads it, and comments on how dumb I am for thanking a dealership for this. Then I can use them as an example to prove my point.

Night everyone!


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